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ROI Calculator

Motor electrical consump. in kw @ 100% load x Motor EFF↓ - 59.78
Current (A) STD - 83.16
Current (A) MaxEff - 66.53

Available power need (kVA) STD - 59.78
Available power need (kVA) MaxEff - 47.82
STD KVAR - 31.49
KW MAXEFF - 46.86
ANNUAL COST STD = $93,895.57
ANNUAL COST MaxEff = $86,604.86

HP as a result of leading KVA produced from Maxeff = 10.84
Indirect Savings as a result of leading KVA produced from Maxeff = $14947.98
Monthly savings from project = $1853.23

Prices and savings are approximate.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Each day, the affects of climate change become more and more devastating to our planet. By switching to Maxeff industrial motors, you can exponentially increase your facility's energy efficiency, reduce grid dependence, and save money.
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