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April 01, 2020

Adventech and Flanders Electric Team Up for Global Maxeff Motor Distribution

01 April 2020 Florence, AL - Adventech, creator and distributor of Maxeff brand complex motor generators, recently announced a partnership with Flanders Electric. The partnership will make the Maxeff motor generators readily available to an extended audience worldwide.

"Adventech is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Flanders Electric for global distribution and service of the Maxeff brand complex motor generator and all related technologies," said Ron Ballman, Adventech CEO. "Flanders Electric brings decades of market experience and innovative service technology that complements the Adventech vision. We are excited about the future of this collaboration and look forward to solidifying our place in the market as the leader in drive motor technology and efficiency."

Adventech is committed to providing energy efficient solutions, reducing the carbon footprint and lowering costs for its customers. This commitment is illustrated by the company's hallmark Maxeff Motor, which is equipped with capabilities traditional motors don't have. The Maxeff motor's uniqueness comes from the generator and motor sharing the same magnetic field with the circuits being 180 degrees out from one another. This makes it possible for the Maxeff motor to lead incoming voltage, which in turn enables the energy to pass down to other inductive sources on the same line.

Flanders Electric's General Manager Joe Baumgardner is equally pleased over the partnership. "Flanders Electric is proud to partner with Adventech," he commented. "We look forward to the opportunity this brings to serve more customers with this efficient Maxeff technology."

Flanders Electric specializes in full integration and deployment of advanced technology into the largest machines containing electric rotating systems around the globe. Based in Indiana, the company has several stateside and international locations that provide a wide variety of machinery services ranging from repairing and rebuilding to custom manufacturing.


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