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March 09, 2022

EV Technology in Progress

EV Technology in Progress

"Adventech is excited to announce that we will be launching the first EV version of the MaxEff motor. Our EV technology exemplifies our vision and supports the Adventech mission to innovate and to be at the forefront of efficiency solutions. We will keep you posted on our progress; the EV unveiling is scheduled for early April 2022 in Florence Alabama. The suspense is building½just as the range between charges for our motor continues to push beyond our expectations."  

"The energy crisis is not a future concern; the crisis must be addressed now. The technology to drive change exists, the courage to commit to investing in solutions and being responsible is what is lacking. There is a desperate need for unity within all efficiency sectors to demand accountability focusing on new efficiency standards and legislation driven initiatives that change the narrative from words to action." 

"Children coming into this world today will not know what fossil fuel dependency means. These are our children, grandchildren½why would we not be more motivated to resolving energy concerns? It is disheartening to watch global leaders (political and business) posturing and grandstanding rather than driving action."


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