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May 20, 2022

Adventech Receives Bronze Edison Award 

Adventech Receives Bronze Edison Award 

Recently, Adventech was awarded one of the prestigious titles from the Edison Award. This win not only represents our commitment to innovation and new ideas, but also our commitment to quality products for our customers

What is the Edison Award?

Began in 1987, the Edison Awards have become the gold standard for innovation in products, services, and businesses. They annual competition honors people coming up with unique and helpful ideas and innovation, and is open to organizations across the country and world. These awards are different because they honor the creators alongside their creations. They are judged on the criteria of: concept, value, delivery, and impact. Because these are unbiased, third-party awards, winners can use their status as a marketing achievement that represents the value they bring to their industry. These awards are named after Thomas Edison, whose product developments earned him over a thousand patents in the United States. The Edison Award website notes, "The Edison Awards™ symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his Menlo Park team, while also strengthening the human drive for innovation, creativity, and ingenuity." (Source) Each year, over 150 companies earn the title of Edison Award Winner, and the award has become one of the most prestigious accolades in the world of products and services. Adventech President Ryan Baker adds, "The Edison Foundation represents innovation, to be considered as an innovation leader by such a prestigious organization is a remarkable accomplishment. Our technology is not only innovative, but also a critical component to combat climate change through energy consumption reduction and elimination of waste, Adventech being recognized is a great honor."

L to R: Himanshu Verma, Gerald Goche, and Ryan Baker at the Edison Awards Ceremony

How does someone get nominated? 

The Edison Awards are an incredible way for brands and organizations to highlight the innovations and improvements they are making in our world. To enter, nominees must submit a description and photo of their entry, as well as filling out a comprehensive online form. They must also provide supporting videos, and links to their respective social media or website. Then, all completed nominations will be revised by the members of the Edison Awards Steering Committee, as well as a panel composed of senior executives with backgrounds in science or business. After the review process, they create a ballot of finalists, and then the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners are selected within their fields. Those who are not selected as finalists receive feedback about their innovations and marketing, and how to improve. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic changed the landscape for many innovators, but Baker continues, "The pandemic has been remarkably challenging in many ways. Adventech first and foremost would like to express our condolences to those that lost loved ones and especially show gratitude to the front line workers that put themselves in harm's way to save lives.Because we launched in 2019, we were still gaining momentum when the pandemic brought our efforts to a stand-still. We maintained our course and worked very hard to keep our team safe, while keeping everyone employed and continuing to focus on our mission. Adventech has a remarkable group of investors and board members that understood the importance of staying the course regardless of the adversity."

Why is this award important?

These awards represent high achievement within the industries and markets they serve. They also give consumers peace of mind as the product goes to market, and provides developers with an unbiased, third-party review of their products or ideas. In addition, the winners gain a broader audience, and higher market visibility. Winners receive exposure to media, and receive the coveted Edison Award Seal. The seal creates customer awareness and confidence, and helps items and companies stand out. 

The Edison Awards are on the cutting edge of emerging trends and developments in the world of marketing, and the nominees receive insights from the high-powered, experienced focus groups who review the entries. As noted on their website, "The status delivers an affirmation of superior quality--a confirmation that can reach customers in a way that marketing and advertising cannot." 

What did Adventech win, and for what?

Adventech is proud to announce that our Maxeff Motor Design received the Bronze Award for Power Generation and Recovery. Our secondary circuit regenerates what is typically wasted reactive energy, and turns it into leading inductive energy. This leading power is utilized within the motor itself, and allows it to be used outside of the motor. This reduces the amount of power needed from the grid, and reduces slip. This creates higher RPM and torque, and is more efficient. President Ryan Baker continues, "What this award means is that we are on the right track and that we need to continue to innovate and drive change. Winning this award means that Adventech exists in the spirit of Thomas Edison, and we need to make sure the Edison Foundation is proud of all we accomplish going forward."


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