Industry Applications

Avoid peak penalties and save money with Adventech Maxeff motors.

Don’t pay penalties for peak demand and power.

Our high-efficiency design reduces the inrush current needed to start our motors to one-third that of standard motors. With peak demand charged at a premium rate, we help keep your utility bills low.

Adventech Maxeff motors save industry on energy costs in a wide variety of applications, including driving compressors, water treatment plant pumps, conveyors, hydraulic systems, stage blowers, and cooling tower fans.


Maxeff reduces kVA demand.

  • Decreases full motor load by 15% – 30%
  • Decreases kVA by 50-70% at loads from 50-65%
  • Reduces no-load kVA by a dramatic 90%

Unlimited restarts mean no idling motors.

Maxeff motors tolerate unlimited restarts without overheating. Simply turn the motor off and restart when needed. No idling motors means no wasted energy and no wasted money.

If your power factor is a concern, Maxeff motors will correct it by reclaiming reactive power and making it available to other motors.

Adventech Maxeff motors are suitable for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Beverage bottling (water/syrup pump systems)
  • Municipalities (water treatment, etc.)
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing (drive pumps, conveyor belts, fans/ventilation systems)

Case Studies

In 2014, Smelter Services, Inc. purchased three 200 HP Maxeff motors. They have aluminum furnaces with 125 HP motors and undersized turbine fans. The plant needed updates, which included replacing 125 HP motors with 200 HP motors. This normally would have required changing cable sizes, contactor sizes, and motor starter sizes. Alternatively, they chose 200 HP Maxeff motors and mounted them in place of the 125 HP, which didn’t change anything else, not even the breakers. Since the install, the 200 HP Maxeff motors have been cooler while drawing fewer Amps.

Additionally, the plant has a 1 Mega-Watt contract with their power company, with the 125 HP motors, they had no trouble reaching their contract power consumption. After replacing only three 125 HP motors for 200 HP Maxeff motors, they received a fine from the power company for never reaching their 1 MW contract level. Once a month, the plant opens the vents on the fan housing to force an overload onto the motors for an hour. They reach the 1 MW to get out of the penalty zone and save power all month long.

In February 2017, the plant purchased four more new Maxeff motors for a plant extension.

MI Metals in Oldsmar, Florida is an aluminum recycling plant. Like many manufacturers, they faced growing production on already limited power constraints.

In their location, the step-down transformers and the power lines in the area are maxed out. Increasing kVA would require changing miles of power lines and installing bigger transformers. Meanwhile, production was calling for more cooling capacity to handle hot aluminum bars coming from the furnaces and extruders.

To address their problems, MI Metals replaced 15 of their existing motors with Maxeff motors, which reduced the kVA by 50% at each replaced fan. Then, they added 15 new fans while staying under their AMP/kVA constraints.

Adventech is proud to be NSF Certified. Through the highest level of integrity, the NSF-ISR mark is recognized as the gold standard of the certification industry.