Yes, if we provide a line reactor as a filter to hide the Maxeff generator circuit from the VFD. Using Maxeff on a VFD reduces the possibility of savings on operating costs from 25% down to 8% to 10% max. The VFD will not recognize returning power to the generator. If you are using a VFD only for the purpose of energy savings, you are better off removing the VFD and use Maxeff CMG alone. 

Fractional up to 1000 HP. We can build larger motors upon request. 

IEC, NEMA, Vertical, and Horizontal motors.

We have a global footprint with over 3,000 motors that are operational. Follow our social media for testimonials and visit our YouTube channel for data.

All pump drives, cooling towers, fan units, bag houses, and anything that requires an electric motor drive.

Yes, we have a small amount of stock and it is growing. Lead times vary by availability. Remanufactured motor lead times vary by the condition of the motor.

We are at the high-medium point of the market. Not the lowest but not the highest. 

Yes, we can put our technology in existing motors. Most motor frames can be converted.

We have 15 distribution/service center points in North America as well as our manufacturing facility in Florence, AL for anything requiring additional engineering questions. We are partnered with Flanders electric for distribution and service. 

We normally see about 15%-30% improvements in facility efficiencies. An ROI can be provided if required data is given to our team. 

It varies. Normally 3 to 12 months depending on motor size, run time, and application. This can be determined with an ROI study.

Adventech is proud to be NSF Certified. Through the highest level of integrity, the NSF-ISR mark is recognized as the gold standard of the certification industry.