From the CEO


Adventech, LLC

The Difficult Journey to Acceptance for our New Technology

Skepticism is expected when technology is introduced that is contrary to the “norm”. Adventech has embraced the responsibility of providing empirical data that supports claims made.

Denial is often the result of simply not understanding or being willing to make the effort to investigate and confirm. Adventech has found that deliverables promised by previous innovators turn out to be less than satisfactory, therefore there is a stigma placed upon new technology that is difficult to overcome.

Fear of Change has been the most difficult obstacle for Adventech to overcome. Although most organizations have teams that are responsible for facilitating improvement initiatives; we have encountered the complacency issue with many organizations, a lack of motivation to innovate or accept innovative technologies. The, “why fix it if it isn’t broken” narrative remains alive and well.

As Adventech is an industrial technology company, we have innovated and developed our way into a corner. In the induction electric drive motor market there is a very heavy presence of skeptics, deniers, and complacent organizations.

What strategy has Adventech devised to overcome the status quo narratives?

Everyone loves data. There are respected organizations that are the benchmark for third party verification and certification opportunities. These organizations have been responsible for validation of all efficiency rated motor technologies and Adventech is no different. Organizations such as TUV SUD from Germany and Advanced Energy from the United States are two such organizations.

Data validation, process validation and quality management systems certifications have proven our technology to deliver efficiencies at levels never before experienced in the induction motor market. Adventech understands that many obstacles remain, but we would like to recognize our early adopters, those customers that are currently operating the 3000+ motors in service globally. Adventech welcomes questions and/or concerns regarding our technology.

Adventech is proud to be NSF Certified. Through the highest level of integrity, the NSF-ISR mark is recognized as the gold standard of the certification industry.