Driving the Efficiency Narrative

There are several companies that have made commitments to improving efficiency and developing sustainable development initiatives. The UN17 are a set of goals often referred to as a set of focus items to ensure there is a clear understanding/consensus of what should be/could be accomplished if everyone involved worked toward a common set of goals.

Adopting the 17 goals, as with any goal, requires a strategy. Each entity that wants to contribute to achieving these goals must formulate their own strategy and timeline with commitment and actionable items that are realistic and attainable. Leading the way with an aggressive (but realistic) strategy is Schneider Electric and their CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire. If your organization is looking for a template for driving your strategic discussions, please refer to the Schneider Electric website.

Adventech is committed to ensuring our technology drives the efficiency narrative regarding reducing power grid dependency for all industrial drive motor applications. As we learn more about what we can do to be more responsible and committed to the sustainability effort, Adventech’s strategy remains focused and is constantly evolving in order to provide efficiency solutions that should be the top action item for anyone struggling to execute their efficiency initiatives.

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