The Maxeff Circuit Diagram Explained

The Maxeff Circuit Diagram is a visual representation of exactly what goes on inside a Maxeff Complex Motor Generator. Conventional motor diagrams are comprised of either a Delta (Triangle) configuration or a Sirius (Star) configuration. Standard motor diagrams will only feature one circuit complete with one of the two configurations. The difference between the Maxeff Circuit Diagram and traditional motor diagram is that while a traditional diagram will have one star or one triangle, the Maxeff Circuit Diagram will have either two stars or two triangles.

The Maxeff Motor has a traditional motor circuit just like traditional motors, but it also features a generator circuit making a combined two circuits within the system. Gerald explains that while the circuits are in the same system, they do not touch each other, and they only work through induction. The second circuit stores energy within the generator, and it does not receive any direct power from the supplier.

It is very different from a traditional motor diagram, and Maxeff is the only electric motor that can be seen running with two circuits separate from each other. This is one of the many reasons that the Maxeff Motor is changing the market and redefining efficiency within electric motors.

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