Benefits of Higher Torque

Higher torque creates the situation in which the load that a traditional motor carries at a certain RPM can be carried at a higher RPM by the Maxeff Complex Motor Generator. Gerald explains in the video “On a pumping system for example, being able to drive a pump at 1798 RPM versus 1775 on a conventional motor, will allow more GPM to be pumped for less amount of money or less amount of costs.” GPM stands for Gross Processing Margin. This is the difference between the cost used to buy a raw product and the income generated once resold as a finished product.

Higher torque makes it possible to increase productivity while maintaining low costs. It allows the same load to be carried at higher RPM’s within the Maxeff Motor compared to traditional electric motors. This is very beneficial to the pumping industry especially, and it allows for less failure while simultaneously lowering the cost of running the motor.

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