The Importance of Having a Power Factor of One

A power factor of 1 describes ideal standards under which a motor should run and use energy. If a motor were to work at a power factor of 1, then the motor would use all of the energy it was given by the supplier effectively eliminating wasted energy. This was not possible in the world of electric motors until the Maxeff Motor. The Maxeff Motor is able to save energy in a way never before possible with the use of traditional electric motors.

Gerald explains in the video “A power factor of .5 for example, means that you received 100% and you only use 50%. The 50% not used returns in load to the producer.” This means that 50% of the energy received is not used by the motor. Only half of what is supplied is used in a situation in which a motor has a power factor of .5. A power factor of 1 is able to eliminate wasted energy on the line and run much more efficiently. The Maxeff Motor is creating a real situation in which nearly 100% of what is being supplied is being used by the motors on the line. The Maxeff Motor is redefining a power factor of 1 as a real possibility instead of an ideal situation.

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