Correcting the Power Factor & Lowering Operations Costs

The Maxeff Motor is more than a traditional electric motor. Inside the Maxeff Motor, the generator is 180 degrees from the incoming power. As Gerald explains in the video, while power is being created by the producer, the generator is also creating power in the other direction. This creates a leading power source being sent into the system, and the Maxeff Motor is the only motor capable of doing this.

The first and most important thing that this does is correct the power factor of the line that is feeding it. As discussed in an earlier blog post, when a line is lagging instead of leading this creates VAR’s within the system. VAR’s are an undesirable effect of lagging in the system, and the Maxeff motor is able to eliminate this by leading in the system.            

The motor leading in the system creates a situation in which energy is able to be passed down and absorbed by other inductive sources on the line. The Maxeff Motor uses all of the energy it needs, and as the motor side uses this energy, the rest of the energy is absorbed by induction further down the line. Instead of the energy being wasted that is not used, this energy is able to be absorbed correcting the grid power factor and lowering operations costs.

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