Allowing Unlimited Starts and Stops Per Hour

The quality to have unlimited starts and stops per hour is very important to any industry in which electric motors are used. Gerald explains in the video that motors are very expensive to start. This creates a harsh expense for many industries that are forced to start and stop their electric motors multiple times within 24 hours. The electronic soft start was created to solve this problem. The electronic soft start makes it possible to start the motor while reducing inrush current which in hand reduces cost. Gerald further explains that while this helps, it is not the only part of the process which is costly.

Gerald states in the video “The motor that starts, uses the square of the current for the moment it starts. This overheats the motor a lot. It is expensive to start and stop a motor because you get hit by peak demand on your power bill.” The soft start helps eliminate the peak demand penalty created through the inrush currents, and this eliminates having to run a motor on idle for extended periods of time.

The Maxeff Motor has a soft start system that creates the same desirable effect, but it is reached by other means. The Maxeff soft start system is not electronic. In electronic soft start systems, the rush of current onto the soft start is what blocks the current from being able to act on the motor. This, in turn, causes the soft start itself to overheat. While an electronic soft start is beneficial, it can only be utilized three to five times per hour. The Maxeff soft start system works through the motor dividing itself into 1/3’s eliminating the SCR device needed in electronic soft starts. This removes the heat within the system and allows unlimited stops and starts.

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