The Benefits of a Reduction in Amps

In this video, Gerald goes into detail about the difference between amperage and voltage. He discusses how a reduction in amps can save energy for a plant, and he also explains the process of how this occurs. The amps and volts both come from the producer of the energy. From this point, the volts are used as the voltage needed for the system, and the amps are a representation of the amount received that is actually being used by the motor.           

Being able to do more work while using fewer amps is beneficial because this allows less energy to be expended. The grid is able to be used less, and this in turn saves energy for the owner of the motor. Instead of all of the power being used in one location, the power is able to spread out over the grid and reach other motors. A power factor of 1 entails being able to use all of the energy that is sent from the producer. This creates a huge reduction in amps, and it is only possible through the Maxeff Complex Motor Generator.

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