The Maxeff Concept

The Maxeff Concept describes something that has never been done before. The world sees electric motors as they have been seen for the last 50 years, but Maxeff is changing this. As Mr. Goche describes in the video linked with this blog, “The Maxeff Motor acts like a motor, but it is a complex motor generator.” What this means, is that while it may run like a motor, the Maxeff Motor has capabilities that regular electric motors do not.

In a complex motor generator, the generator and the motor share the same magnetic field. The circuits are 180 degrees out from each other within the motor generator. This creates the new capabilities that are not possible within a traditional electric motor. The generator then makes it possible for the Maxeff Motor to lead the incoming voltage, allowing the energy to be passed down to other inductive sources on the same line. This technology cannot be compared to an electric motor, because it is not an electric motor. The Maxeff Concept is created through the function of a complex motor generator.

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