Eliminating Wasted Energy

The Maxeff Motor not only saves money on the power bill, but it also eliminates energy that would be wasted by a traditional electric motor. The last blog post explained what the Maxeff Motor is and how it stands out from traditional electric motors. In the video associated with this post, Gerald dives into how the Maxeff Motor is able to combat against wasted energy. Every person who has paid a power bill understands that energy is paid for, used, and that is it. The Maxeff Motor has made a different solution possible.

Gerald explains in the video, that when a power factor is lagging, this can create energy that is wasted. One of the key concerns that the Maxeff Motor attacks is not being able to recycle and save energy. Many times, plants are not able to use all of the energy that was paid for creating wasted energy.

The Maxeff Motor presents the solution for this problem. Unlike traditional motors, the Maxeff Motor has no VAR components. This means that since there are no reactive components within the motor, the Maxeff Motor is able to use all of the power that it is supplied with. The energy that the Maxeff motor does not use is passed down the line to the other inductive sources. This recycles the power bought and eliminates wasted energy saving both power and money.

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